In the Real Estate and Construction sector, Aimingsight knows the most direct route between companies and their future employees

Aimingsight is an executive search consultancy specializing in the Real Estate and Construction sector that provides true added-value. We know how to identify, attract and build a strong relationship with potential employees; and then integrate them into your company to support your strategies and contribute to its long-term competitiveness.

What our customers say

“We have recruited high quality employees for strategic positions thanks to Julie and Marie-Noëlle’s skills and their precise market knowledge. They understand the recruitment issues very quickly, and this means that they can adopt a strategy tailored to our needs “.

Recruitment Manager for a Real Estate Investor

“We recruited 20 candidates in the Paris region and across France, with very different profiles. Aimingsight have the tenacity to search meticulously for candidates who can satisfy the specifications, even in markets with limited possibilities or for rare candidate profiles, until the result is achieved”.

HR Director of a large property development group

“Success between a client and a recruitment consultancy is based on a close and productive relationship; this is the case with Julie Douieb and Marie-Noëlle Pozzo di Borgo.”

The opinion of the candidates

“Marie-Noëlle and Julie sought to understand the logic of my professional career so they could be certain that the numerous demands of the position to be filled corresponded to my experience and my temperament. At each stage of my recruitment there was a debrief with both parties. This meant that when I joined the new company my employer and I were in a position of mutual trust. An ideal situation for taking on the role with peace of mind”.

Director of development of a construction group