Our Difference

Aimingsight is an executive search consultancy specializing in the Real Estate and Construction sector that provides true added-value. We know how to identify, attract and build a strong relationship with potential employees; and then integrate them into your company to support your strategies and contribute to its long-term competitiveness.

5 reasons to choose Aimingsight


search strategies

The best candidates are those we identify for their perfect fit with the posts concerned. Clarifying your needs and our ability to listen and understand them are key to finding the best combination between each individual part of the profile and the position concerned.
We approach every assignment with audacity and without preconceived ideas about the strategy required. Our creative approach opens the field of possibilities and means we can go out of the box allowing us to implement the most appropriate strategy.


strategic and operational advice

We have deep knowledge of the players, the challenges and the organizations, together with our expertise of the various functions, including the most strategic, in all areas of real estate and construction. This means that we can advise you on determining candidate profiles and structuring your organization. And we guide you reliably and quickly at every stage of the recruitment process, up to and beyond the time when the candidate starts working in your company.


search process

The combined contribution of Julie Douieb and Marie-Noëlle Pozzo di Borgo guarantees an exhaustive approach to the market: together we find the right strategy, start our search by quickly understanding where our targets intersect and inform you regularly on progress. To carry out our search, we capitalize on our long experience of executive search and in the Real Estate and Construction sector.
Our extensive network and our knowledge of the market are constantly enriched by our new assignments and our connections with events in the real estate world.


to candidates

Aimingsight has built a solid reputation among professionals in the Real Estate and Construction sector. Respect, transparency and an ethical approach guide each of our contacts and are the key to a high-quality relationship.
Applicants appreciate the clarity of the exchanges and the quality of the contacts with us.  We keep them up to date on when to expect the next step in the process, including meetings within the company and follow-up with them at each stage until the end of their trial period in the new company. During this phase of integration, we follow up with both the new employee and our client the recruiter.


of a long-term result

In over 10 years, every Aimingsight client has asked us to carry out further assignments for them. We believe that this confidence in us is due to the results achieved. Every year, Aimingsight fills 100% of the positions for which it is mandated. Outsourcing recruitment brings freedom in the method of contacting candidates. Positions are often filled rapidly and candidates stay with the companies long-term and evolve through the organization.