We offer professionals, through their company or directly, outplacement solutions to accelerate their return to work.

Our knowledge of companies, our experience in recruitment, our consulting and coaching practice, our rigorous methodology, our tools and our compassionate and respectful approach allow us to support you effectively.

When leaving a company, the employee is supported to reposition themselves more quickly in the job market.

Outplacement is a personalized advice and support service that aims to facilitate the return to a chosen professional activity, perfectly meeting the skills of candidates and their aspirations.

Our team of recruiting and coaching experts helps professionals access the position or entrepreneurial project of their choice as quickly as possible.

Our offering

Our offering

The benefits of outplacement:

Leave your company in the best condition to prepare for the rest of your career. Find the energy required to look for a new opportunity. Continue to keep a variety of contacts by exchanging and participating in workshops with other professionals. Find the position you want more quickly. See your job searching period as an opportunity to reflect on the rest of your career and what you really want. Use this moment to get to know yourself better, to learn, to develop, to acquire new skills and to enrich your network.

We will define together the solution and the most suitable length of outplacement for you.



has three main stages



We help you take stock of your knowledge, your areas of expertise and identify your motivations and what really drives you. We support you to allow you to connect or reconnect to your new professional desires.

Our questions, our discussions and the tools we use, such as MBTI, help you take a step back, get to know yourself better and identify the full range of your possibilities.

Creating your personal and professional plan

We support you in your consideration and the development of your new plan, targeting the type of profession, position, sector and companies or work on an entrepreneurial project.


Once your plan has been defined, we help you develop the tools that will need to communicate your plan. We support you in defining a series of actions to identify and find the opportunities that suit you.

Communication tools.

  • CV workshop,
  • Optimization of your LinkedIn profile,
  • Work on your pitch.

Research techniques.

  • Know how to use your network,
  • Approaching recruitment and headhunting firms, using job boards, etc.

Development of a job search schedule and monitoring tools.

Organization of job search, implementation of the schedule and creation of tables and monitoring tools.

Specific tailor-made coaching and co-development workshops.

Succeed in interviews, improve your speaking skills, develop your leadership, etc.


We continue to support you when you enter the active search phase. We follow the progress of your various opportunities and are at your disposal to debrief on your interviews. We provide you with our advice and help in choosing the right position, the business to take over or start.


We can go as far as monitoring the initial period in your new activity.



to accompany you

Dual expertise

Our consultants all have more than 15 years of professional experience and a perfect knowledge of companies and their challenges.

They capitalize on a dual experience of recruitment advice and coaching.

Sympathetic listening

Our positive approach, based on the presentation of your needs, our sympathetic manner and our ability to understand you, aims to open the range of your possibilities and help you build the most relevant strategies to reach your new goals.

Efficiency and ethics

We have built our reputation on respect, transparency and ethics, which guide each of our contacts.

The professionals we support appreciate the clarity of the discussions and the quality of the personalized approach, the rigor with which we support them.

Authority to carry out the most recognized tests

MBTI®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is the world’s most widely used personality indicator. This tool allows us to identify your personality type and understand your perception of the world, your behavior pattern, the way you interact, your motivations and those of others around you. It constitutes an essential basis for improved individual efficiency, especially in contexts of communication and influence, decision-making, change management, team development, conflict and stress management, career management.

PPA, Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis

Thomas’s PPA Behavioral Assessment, approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS), is a specific self-awareness tool. It describes our behavior in a work situation. It is particularly suitable for working on behavioral suitability, personal development, communication and performance management.

“We have recruited high quality people for strategic positions thanks to the work of the two Aimingsight partners and their precise knowledge of the market. They very quickly understand the challenges of recruiting, which allows them to adopt a personalized strategy according to our needs”.

Recruitment manager for a real estate investor.