Aimingsight recruits by direct approach throughout the Real Estate-Construction sector, for major companies and fast-growing businesses, throughout France.

Our long experience of direct recruitment in this sector, our understanding of responsibilities and team structures, together with our extensive network, make us a partner with genuine added value. We know how to identify and capture talent, create a strong link and introduce them into your company to support your strategies and contribute to your competitiveness over time.

We handle assignments on a daily basis for strategic positions and in the recruitment of rare profiles or skills, in all fields and in complex contexts: new positions or teams, positioning in new sectors of activity.


Our strengths

for a successful recruitment

Creative search strategies.

We approach each assignment undaunted, without preconceived ideas about strategies. Our creative approach, based on the presentation of your needs and our ability to listen and understand you is designed to open a field of possibilities, to go out of the box whenever necessary, to build the most relevant strategies.


Comprehensive search.

The combined involvement of both Julie Douieb and Marie-Noëlle Pozzo di Borgo, is the guarantee of a comprehensive approach to the market. Together, we find the right strategy and rapidly reach out to our target groups. Our network and our knowledge of the market are constantly enriched by ongoing assignments and our connections to events in the real estate world.

Attractiveness to candidates.

We have built our reputation with industry professionals in terms of respect, transparency and ethics. This guides our interactions with our contacts.

Candidates appreciate the clarity of the exchanges and the quality of a personalized approach, the rigor with which we support them throughout the recruitment process and on into their trial period.


Certainty and longevity of the result.

In 15 years, every one of our new clients has returned to us with a further assignment. This loyalty can be explained first of all by our results. Each year, Aimingsight fills 100% of the positions for which it is commissioned. Outsourcing your recruitment brings freedom and rapid contact. Candidates evolve long term in the companies into which they are recruited.




Every recruitment is carried out in line with an effective and rigorous methodology, structured in several stages, with regular and transparent communication with recruiters and candidates. Rules of ethics and professional conduct and trust underlie every action taken.


The in-depth brief is the key to a very thorough understanding of the company’s strategy, your objectives, your challenges, the position to be filled and its possible developments. To complement this, we interact with operational staff who are recruiting for their teams and with HR managers to compile information on the company, the department that is recruiting, the current team, the recruitment context and the position.


Based on your brief and our analysis, we present a recommendation that includes the job description, the definition of the required profile in terms of skills and personality, the objective evaluation criteria of the candidates, the search strategy, targeting of target sectors and companies and identification of professionals who hold positions relevant to the position to be filled.

Together, we finalize the framework under which we will conduct the recruitment. This translates into detailed specifications, a tool for qualifying your needs and the scope of our work.


We proceed with a direct and absolutely confidential contact with the identified professionals.

We carry out preliminary interviews by telephone before in-depth interviews with those candidates corresponding to the profile and interested in the position.

We then present to you the best candidates for the position.


We evaluate each candidate on an objective basis using a qualitative and structured approach.


1- Contact by telephone.

We verify the suitability of candidates from our research, as well as their motivations.


2- In-depth interview.

The selected candidates are interviewed individually by one of the firm’s partners. The interview focuses on their background, the scope of the position, their skills, their personality, their motivations.

We assess the suitability of the candidate for the position and its future development by investigating their career plan in the short, medium and long-term taking into account the following aspects: type of function, team, structure, scope of the position and its national and international dimension.

This interview is the first contact, albeit indirect, between our candidates and our clients. We are aware of our role representing the client and we are committed to the quality and the confidentiality of this meeting. Interviews are conducted in a respectful and courteous manner and obey strict rules of non-discrimination and respect for personal privacy.


3- Presentation of candidates

We report on progress by sending regular reports and weekly updates by phone. At the end of the interviews, we select the best candidates and send you their dossier with our evaluation.

We discuss the candidate’s profile with you and advise you on the next steps.


4- Your meetings with the candidates.

We follow up on meetings and keep candidates informed of the progress of their application. We systematically provide feedback on each interview.


We advise you on taking the hiring decision and support you throughout the recruitment process. We monitor the onboarding of the successful candidate and follow up during the trial period and beyond, both with the new hire and with you.

“Marie-Noëlle and Julie sought to understand the logic of my professional background to ensure that the numerous requirements of the position to be filled corresponded to my experience and my temperament. At each stage of my recruitment, a debrief with both parties was conducted, so that when I joined the new company, my employer and I were in a position of mutual trust. An ideal situation for a serene start”.

Director of development for a major construction company.