Architects, engineering and design offices.

Architects, engineering and design offices

We are involved in the recruitment of project managers who provide architectural, technical and economic responses to the programs defined by the project principals for the execution of their operations.


We support architecture firms in their recruitment for architectural positions involved in the design, studies, execution and site monitoring phases. We also recruit support and development functions.


Our clients work on new constructions or renovations, development and town planning projects for all project principals: developers, public housing landlords, public authorities at national or local level.


We work for large technical design offices, consulting agencies and building engineering groups on the recruitment of expert technical profiles, managing profit centers and development.

Examples of recent recruitments:

  • Head of Agency, International architect, Paris region,
  • Legal Manager, international architects,
  • Confirmed architect, large collective housing projects, international architects,
  • Development and Innovation Manager, building engineering consulting group specializing in energy efficiency, Paris region,
  • Director of Business Development, technical studies, Marseille,
  • Director of Technical Studies Development, Lyon.